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Sochaczew description, location, history

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Sochaczew in Poland

52.229 N    20.238 E
Map of Poland - Sochaczew in Poland


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Mazowieckie voivodeship
sochaczewski poviat

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Postal codes 96-500

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Muzeum Kolejnictwa - SochaczewMuzeum Kolejnictwa
Kosciuszko Square - SochaczewKosciuszko Square
Chemitex - SochaczewChemitex

Sochaczew description, location, history

Sochaczew is the capital of the commune and poviat located in Mazowieckie Voivodeship (Province) on the Bzura River, near the Kampinoska Forest. It is one of the oldest Mazvian towns.

The first reference to Sochaczew appears in the historical record from 1221 when the town was a castellany (a district administered by a castellan); however, the exact origins of the town are unknown. In the 14th century Sochaczew became the capital of the Sochaczew Land, which comprised two counties: Sochaczewski and Mszczonowski.

During the feudal fragmentation of the Mazowsze region, Sochaczew was the capital of the separate ducal district and due to this fact, became an important administrative, political centre and stronghold.

The visit and death of Ladislaus the Wrymouth in 1138 testifies to the town's importance. In the document issued in 1368 Sochaczew appears as a town.

As early as in 1368, in one of the documents, Sochaczew is recorded as a town.

In the 15th and the 16th century the town flourished.

In the 16th century, Sochaczew citizens took part in the grain trade with Gdańsk.

In the middle of the 17th century, the town and, in fact, the whole country, experienced calamities. First, the invasion of the Swedes and then of Rakoczy's army destroyed the town to such an extent that in 1661 only 13 houses were inhabited. Taking into consideration the fact that the town was afflicted with natural disatsers such as fires and epidemics, as well as war destruction (during the North War an the beginning of the 18th century), the town never fully recovered. From the Swedish Deluge until the partitions of Poland (1772, 1793, 1795), Sochaczew was merely a cottage industry centre and a place of the provincial parliaments of the local nobility.

As a result of the heroic struggles of Sochaczew citizens during World War II, the town was honoured with an order of Grunwald Cross of the III class in 1985. After the war, Sochaczew entered a new phase of development and in a short period of time became industrialized.

Until 1975, the town was the capital of the poviat and regained its function after the administrative reform in 1999.

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