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Opole description, location, history

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Opole in Poland

50.670 N    17.924 E
Map of Poland - Opole in Poland


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Elevation 177m
Area code 0-77
Car plates OP
Area 96.2 km2
Population 128300
Postal codes 45-001, 45-002, 45-003, 45-004, 45-005, 45-006, 45-007, 45-010, 45-011, 45-013

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Town Hall - Opole Town Hall
The City Hall Tower - Opole The City Hall Tower
Market Square - Opole Market Square

Opole description, location, history

Opole is an urban county and the capital of Opolskie Voivodeship (Province). It is one of the oldest settlemets in Poland, situated in the south of Poland.

Due to the location of Opole region, today a part of Śląska Lowland, the first settlers appeared in the Middle Ages. The favourable defensive conditions, the swampy left-bank of the Odra River and the intersection of the old trade routes made the region an attractive location.

The first reference to Opole, the town situated on the Odra River, appears in the second half of the 9th century, in the historic records known as "Geograf Bawarski".

The history of Opole is related to Duke Casimir - the grandson of Ladislaus the Wrymouthed; it was during his reign that the city was chartered (beginning of the 13th century) and in 1283 Opole became became the capital of the Duchy. The fortified castle situated on Pasieka Island was the Duke's property.

Located at the point where important European trade routes meet, Opole has always been a major junction in this part of Europe. In 1843, the first Opole-Wrocław railway connection was built, and by the end of the 20th century the connection with other cities was established.

At the beginning of the 20th century, comprising the population of 30 thousand people and the area of 828ha, Opole became a strong economic centre with river port in Zakrzów, water-pipe network and gas works (thanks to Rudolf Firli - a constructor and the first director - the first street lamps flared up in Opole in November 1862).

Today, as it lies along the international route E-40, Opole is still an important junction.

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